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Welcome to the home page of
The Ohio State University Pre-Veterinary Medical Association
also known as the
Pre-Vet Club!



The Ohio State University Pre-Veterinary Medical Association is a great way to learn more about the veterinary profession, get practical experience in preparation for vet school, and for students with similar interests to network.


Come volunteer with us a places like:

-SOS Spay and Neuter Clinic

-Small Animal ICU

-Radiation Oncology

-Veterinary Medical Center Tours


We have tons of websites posted to get more info on different organizations, other Pre-Vet Clubs, and vet schools. We may even have some job postings!

Get Involved

Find information about meetings, minutes, member status, fundraisers, socials, and more!

Interested in getting a tour of the VMC? 

Are you a Pre Vet student interested in giving a tour? Get more information here.

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